Business owners typically are not confident in their understanding of their own business value. More so, business owners are uncertain as to how an independent third party would perceive the value of their business. Business owners are also generally unaware of steps that can or should be taken in order to improve value.

Proper business valuations are a necessity for effective buy/sell transactions. We continually remind our clients that quite often, the easiest part of a buy/sell transaction is getting agreement on value. Once the price has been agreed to, it’s all the other items that really become the hard part. But, you can’t address the other items until you have agreed on price and your valuation template.

Proper business transactions are a necessity for development of effective exit strategies as well as estate freezes and succession planning.

We are valuation experts in the automotive industry; manufacturing; software; insurance and financial services.

We also work closely with our clients in providing advice as to how to improve business value.

Email Norman Seawright, CA at to set up a no cost introductory approaches to business valuation meeting. Let us help you develop a valuation framework that is suitable for a potential sale, purchase, exit strategy, estate freeze or succession planning. We are expert consultants who work closely with our clients to ensure a successful transition process for their business.